Code of Conduct


Discipline is essential for the general well-being and tone of the school and for
the protection of the individual. Each child is subject to and must abide by the
set of school rules. It is essential that in this regard, we have the wholehearted
support and co-operation of parents. This is in the general interest of the
school and more particularly the child.


The Gonubie Primary School community commits itself to learning and

responsible citizenship.

This commitment is characterized by:

Being courteous and demonstrating mutual respect for the beliefs,
customs, language, individuality and property of others.

Demonstrating social responsibility and compassion

Using resources carefully and wisely

Participating fully in a wide range of school activities
(Commitment is expected).

Discovering and developing personal potential,
Supporting and encouraging others.

Enriching a lifestyle which promotes good health and happiness.
Adopting practices which will secure a safe, healthy environment.
Being honest and having personal integrity.

Learners conducting themselves with pride.

Learners being punctual.

This code of conduct is simplified by a set of school rules and procedures framed in
terms of existing national and provincial legislation.