Boys Uniforms

Basic school uniform for boys.

  1. Royal Blue Blazer: Grade 4-7 compulsory
    Royal Blue Jersey: Grade 1-3 compulsory.
    Blazers to be worn from the first day of the second term.
  2. Grey school shorts. No long trousers.
  3. White short sleeved school shirt with badge. Glad neck collar.
  4. Official long grey school socks.  Winter and Summer.
  5. Black lace-up shoes e.g. Bata Toughees
  6. Official royal blue jersey, V neck only. Raglan or round shoulder. No pattern knit or homemade jerseys.
  7. A navy nylon type raincoat or Royal blue Drimac windbreaker for rainy days.
  8. Navy blue satchel with inner support. No suitcases/satchels with wheels or logos e.g. Billabong, Lizzard.
  9. Only royal blue scarves, and gloves allowed in winter.
  10. No beanies.

Stocklist of schoolwear:


Gonubie spar centre.
Tel:  043 740 1033

Only certain items of clothing available at G.P.S.



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