Class Structure

Grade R - Mrs Swanepoel (Grade Head), Mrs Gaffney, Mrs Langhein, Mrs Burris

Grade 1 - Mrs Botha (Grade Head), Mrs Everard, Miss Smith, Mrs Lindstrom

Grade 2 - Mrs Kruger (Grade Head), Mrs Lee, Mrs Mackenzie, Mrs Sweetman

Grade 3 - Mrs Schoeman (Grade Head), Mrs Lombard, Mrs Hauptfleisch, Miss Crews

Grade 4 - Mrs Kotze (Grade Head), Mrs Baleri-Marais,

Mrs Stander, Mrs Viaene

Grade 5 - Mrs Kockott (Grade Head), Mrs Le Roux; Mr Siyodwa; Mrs Kleber

Grade 6 - Mrs Savides (Grade Head), Miss Moss, Mrs Stephenson, Miss Hauptfleisch

Grade 7 Mr Smith (Grade Head), Mr May, Mrs Baker, Mrs Fourie

  • We also have an Arts and culture Department

Music -  Mr Morrings and Miss Mosiane

Art - Miss Whitehead

  • The IT Centre  - Mrs Coltman


  • First Additional Language Department

Afrikaans - Mr Schwarz, Mrs Sutherland

isiXhosa - Mrs Ndzamela, Mrs Dalingozi

  • Remedial - Mrs Cox
  • I Can Maths - Mrs Clarke
  • Media Centre - Mrs Riddin
  • Sports Department - Mr Schultz, Mr Ehrke, Mr Muller, Mr Swartbooi