Girls Uniforms

Basic school uniform for girls.

  1. Royal Blue Blazer: Grade 4-7 compulsory
    Royal Blue Jersey: Grade 1-3 compulsory.
    Blazers to be worn from the first day of the second term.
  2. Official School checked tunic. Bern above knee when kneeling.
  3. White ankle socks: Summer.
    White ankle socks or navy stockings – 44 Decitex: Winter
  4. Black lace-up shoes e.g. Bata Toughees
    (No Velcro or buckle-type shoes)
  5. Official royal blue jersey, V neck only.
    Raglan or round shoulder.
    No pattern knit or homemade jerseys.
  6. A navy nylon type raincoat or Royal blue Drimac windbreaker for rainy days.
  7. Navy blue satchel with inner support. No suitcases/satchels with wheels or logos e.g. Billabong, Lizzard.
  8. Only royal blue scarves, and gloves allowed in winter.
    Only royal blue / white hair accessories.
  9. No beanies.
  10. Only royal blue/white hair accessories.

Stocklist of schoolwear:

Gonubie Primary School Clothing Shop