1. Royal Blue Blazer: Grade 4-7 compulsory.
    Royal Blue Jersey: Grade 1-3 compulsory.
    Blazers and Jerseys to be worn from the first day of the second term.
  2. Official School checked tunic. Bern above knee when kneeling.
  3. White ankle socks: Summer.
    White ankle socks or navy stockings – 44 Decitex: Winter
  4. Black lace-up shoes e.g. Bata or Toughees (No Velcro or buckle-type shoes).
  5. Official royal blue jersey, V neck only. Raglan or round shoulder. No pattern knit or homemade jerseys.
  6. A navy nylon type raincoat or Royal blue Drimac windbreaker for rainy days.
  7. Navy blue satchel with inner support. No suitcases/satchels with wheels or logos e.g. Billabong, Lizzard.
  8. Only royal blue scarves, and gloves allowed in winter.
  9. Only royal blue / white hair accessories.
  10. No beanies.


Physical Education:

School sleeveless Golf Shirt and blue skorts.


Practices: School Golf shirt and blue skorts. Barefoot.Tracksuits


Royal Blue Costume, Phys Ed. shirt and blue shorts, blue slops (available at School Clothing Shop). Official white bathing cap with GPS logo (available at the school). Full tracksuit for any galas.


School sleeveless Golf Shirt and blue skorts. Blue & white hockey socks with predominantly white running shoes. U/13 Girls blue skirt to be worn for matches.

Tennis and Mini Tennis:

School Golf Shirt and blue skorts. Predominantly white lace-up running shoes and white socks.


School Golf Shirt and white cotton/blue skorts. White running shoes with non-marking soles & white socks. Lights Levy and Squash ball (double dot).


Practice: School uniform. Matches: Winter uniform (blazer / jersey)

Please note: A school peak or broad-rimmed white hat to be worn as part of all summer sport uniform. We also encourage the use of sunscreen. The school peak is available at the Clothing Exchange.

School tracksuits and predominantly white lace-up (no fashion takkies) for all sport before & after matches are played. All items of clothing must be clearly and permanently marked.

No secret socks / socks with logos allowed.