The School is governed by a Governing Body consisting of members elected for a three year term of office by a general meeting of parents and teachers ofthe school. Enabling legislation is found in the SA School Act 84 of 1996

The following are the most important functions of the Governing Body:

  1. General supervision over the well-being of the school, its buildings, grounds and pupils.
  2. Appointment of teachers to the teaching staff.
  3. Determining school policies, including but not limited to: language policy, admission policy, code of conduct etc.
  4. Control over the school funds.
  5. Striving for legislative compliance and development at the school, within sound governance parameters.


The School fund account is controlled by the Governing Body. All items of income and expenditure are controlled by them and the books are audited annually.

The amount of the school fees is fixed annually by the Governing Body after considering the budget and meeting with parents for their acceptance of the budget. Parents are informed accordingly in writing.

School fees may be paid monthly, quarterly or in advance for the year.

Only Bank Guaranteed cheques are acceptable and should be made out to Gonubie Primary School and sent to school with the eldest child in the family in a sealed envelope. A debit order system is also available as well as card facilities.