“Gonubie” is the Xhosa word for bramble. The open book represents knowledge.

Gonubie Mouth Primary School came into existence in January 1930 with Miss V. Egelhof as the first teacher. A banana ripening shed, belonging to Mr Louis Rosenbaum, was used until a classroom was built. There was an enrolment of 30 pupils.

After Miss Egelhof’s departure in June 1935, the school building was used as a Municipal Workshop and later by the Boy Scouts as their headquarters. It is currently used by the Gonubie Round Table as their headquarters.

Tuition was then offered by Miss Duffy on Mr Louis Kirch’s farm. The building (a rondavel) was damaged by wirtd, so Mr Hoedemaker erected a school room on his farm, Athlone, for his family” and children of neighbouring farms.

Athlone Primary School officially came into being on 19 January 1936. (11 pupils were enrolled).

Numbers increased steadily and in the first year; 26 pupils were enrolled. Teachers like Miss Malin, Miss Duffy, Mrs Louw and Mrs Pickerill as well as Principals, Miss Long (1939-1951), Mr Roux (1952), Mrs Harold (1953) and Mr Sam Horn (1954-1965) saw the enrolment increase steadily. Athlone Primary School officially closed in 1957.

Gonubie Park Primary School commenced in January 1957 at the present site and was built by Mr H. Schwedhelm (Senior). There were 75 pupils, with Mr Sam Horn as Principal and Mesdames Blumenthal and Kockott as teachers. There were 4 classrooms.

Mr Willem van de Venter was appointed as principal in January 1966 with an enrollment of 91 pupils. (88 English and 3 Afrikaans). The school officially became known as Gonubie Primary School on 22 April 1968.

It is interesting to note that in 2000 an additional 4 classrooms were built by Mr H. Schwedhelm (Junior), proving that history certainly repeats itself.

Extensions to the school were completed and officially opened by Mr P.S. Meyer, Director of Education, on 18 September 1979.

Mr van de Venter retired in September 1991 and was succeeded by Mr Dennis Schenk who retired on the 31/12/2010. The current enrolment of pupils places Gonubie Primary among the larger schools in this region.

There are three “Houses” for sporting events, which have been named as follows:

ATHLONE – named after Athlone Primary School

RANDELL – named after Mr George Randell (Member of Provincial
Council) who laid the foundation stone of Gonubie Primary School.

WATERSTON – named after the first mayor of Gonubie, Mr Robert