Membership of the P.T.A. is open to all parents and guardians of children at
school. Both parents or guardians have a vote at general meetings.

The basic functions of the P.T.A. are:

  1. To provide closer contact between the parents and the teaching staff in the interest of the child.
  2. To organize functions (either social or fund raising) when required, as part of activities in line with the objectives as set out in this prospectus.
  3. Encourage participation of as many parents as possible in the activities of the P T.A.
  4. Encourage to write in approach to discipline and learning objectives and outcomes.
  5. Foster a sense of joint responsibility for superior education and sporting standards.
  6. Support the school in its efforts to maintain the environment in an attractive way.
  7. To uplift and sensitize parents and teachers to their roles as joint principle guardians of the child’s best interest.