Gonubie Primary School has a set of rules with which each child must comply.

Basically the rules cover the following aspects of school life.

Each child has the constitutional right to a good education in a clean environment and in a friendly, peaceful atmosphere.

Therefore, if a child infringes on another’s rights by transgressing the following rules of conduct, corrective measures will be enforced as set out in this document.


  1. Always behave in such a way to bring credit to the name of the school.
  2. No pupil may fight, bully, hit or hurt a fellow pupil or behave in any way that will affect the good discipline at the school.
  3. Never swear, use bad language or speak disrespectfully of God or any religion, either in school or in public.
  4. Always be polite, courteous and respectful towards all members of staff, employees and fellow pupils
  5. All pupils shall obey all orders and instructions given by the Headmaster and Staff.
  6. Always obey all instructions given during a test or examination and never cheat, or attempt to cheat or break any regulations regarding the test or examination.
  7. Any task, whether classwork or homework, that is given by a teacher must be completed neatly and handed in on time.
  8. Pupils are expected to take part in all educational activities.
  9. Pupils shall attend classes every school day or bring a formal note of absence from his / her parent or guardian. No pupil may be absent from class or leave the school premises without permission.
  10. When a pupil has joined a sport or extra-mural activity he / she is expected to complete the full season.
  11. Always wear the correct school uniform or sportswear.
  12. Always dress neatly and decently whenever you represent your school.
  13. Never steal, damage, dirty or spoil school property or any other person’s belongings.
  14. No pupil may use the school’s facilities or equipment without permission.
  15. No pupil may smoke on, in or outside the school premises or be in possession of drugs, alcoholic drink or offensive reading matter or material, or give them to anyone else.
  16. Never accept a lift in any vehicle which has not been approved to carry pupils to any school function, outing or sport.
  17. No pupil may hitch-hike on a public road whether in uniform or not.
  18. No newsletter; notice, pamphlet, banner; poster or any other object may be displayed or distributed outside or inside the school premises without permission.
  19. Always show respect to the national symbols of South Africa and the codes and rules of the school.
  20. No pupil may chew gum during school hours or in school uniform or whenever representing his I her school whether in uniform or not.